Abundant splendour!

In my previous post I wrote about my challenge to eat as much fresh, local food as possible and can report that my first week has been a success, thanks to Ritec Valley Organics. They delivered a bespoke box of organic vegetables, grown in the main part on a farm in Tenby, to the clinic on Friday.

As I was able to choose the vegetables in the box I was able to plan a week’s worth of meals from the contents. So on Friday we had egg salad, Saturday was a stir fry, Sunday was Cottage pie with green beans, and today we are having a variation of a dish called kuku. Kuku is a┬áPersian frittata and is delicious served with a fresh salad and garlicky yoghurt. Yum! Tomorrow I will be making a butternut squash soup, with crusty rolls and a big slice of cheese.

My plan is to pick up a loaf (and perhaps a cake!) from Watkins bakery this week in Begelly as I do my weekly home visits.

I have titled this post Abundant Splendour as this is the name of a wonderful acupuncture point that I use regularly and at this time of year in particular. It is the 40th point on the Stomach meridian or channel and I like to think that when I needle this point I give me patient’s access to the rich, abundant energy they need to make the most of their week and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.

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