Delicious slow cooked winter soup

I thought I would share with you one of my favourite recipes for this time of the year. By cooking slowly over 3 hours, the full flavour of the root vegetables is released. It is a perfect treat on a Sunday afternoon as you can head out for a wintry walk in the woods or along the beach and return to a comforting bowl of rich, golden soup …

First, preheat the oven to 140°C and peel your root vegetables. I love swede as it adds depth to the flavour and changes to a soft orange colour when cooked. I also add three carrots, two potatoes, one onion and a couple of leeks. Chop all of these into good sized chunks (the onion into a course chop) and three-quarters fill a casserole dish. Pour in about one and a half litres of vegetable stock and bring to a simmer on the hob. Then put it into the oven for 3 hours, by which time the vegetables will be soft and your kitchen will smell incredible. Let it rest for 5 minutes and then zap it with a hand blender and watch it transform from a vegetable stew to a nourishing, amber soup.

As this recipe is fat-free I like to serve it with crusty bread covered in a thick layer of salted butter. You could also stir in each bowl a teaspoon of plain Greek yoghurt.

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