Healing saddle sores with moxa

This week I have been treating saddle sores with the herb moxa with considerable success. After just two applications the sore reduced in size, was much less red and the cyclist said that it felt significantly more comfortable.

Although moxa has traditionally been used in the treatment of chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, it is also very helpful in encouraging healing in conditions where the skin has been aggravated such as in blistering or bed sores.

Moxa is a soft, sweet smelling herb (Artemisia vulgaris) that is lit so that it smoulders and releases a steady heat to warm the body. It can be applied by an acupuncturist in small amounts directly onto an acupuncture point, where it warms and stimulates the point before needling. In the case of skin conditions, however, a tightly packed stick of moxa is lit and held above the affected area of skin. It is a gentle treatment that stimulates the body’s own ability to heal.

So if you are a cyclist with a sore spot then come into the clinic and pick up a moxa stick. I can show you how to use it safely at home (possibly with a willing helper given the location of some of the sores!).


You can find out more about using moxa and its uses from my wonderful teacher Nora at her blog


*As a point of caution, moxa is not suitable for people with high blood pressure

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