New Year wishes

It is the last day of 2017 and now just a small step into 2018. This has been my first year working from our clinic, the Therapy Rooms, in Pembroke Dock and it has been every bit as satisfying and interesting as I hoped it would be. I feel so fortunate to have built this healing space with Emma Stevenson, the osteopath, and Dee Phillips the counsellor and psychotherapist.

In over 1000 treatments through 2017 I have met some wonderful people and it has been a privilege to witness all the changes this wonderful system of medicine brings about. It is especially joyful to meet and see photos of all the lovely babies that have been born this year.

Winter is a time of reflection, where we see things as they are when stripped back to their bare bones. We can look back over the past year and consider our triumphs, our failings and from this place sow the seeds for the following year. What do we need to bring out to ensure we have a fruitful and interesting year?

In this way, winter is a time of potential. Life seems to lie quietly, hidden and full of latent promise that will be released with the force of spring. What seeds will you plant in your life this year? Perhaps a seed of change was planted years ago and 2018 will be the year it germinates. Throughout the year we will reap what we sow.

For 2018 I wish you all …

The endurance and wisdom of the Water element in winter

The foresight and vigour of the Wood element in spring

The joy and connection of the Fire element in summer

The comfort and nurture of the Earth element in harvest

The judgement and surrender of the Metal element in autumn

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