Acupuncture is an ancient discipline, with its roots going back some thousands of years. It is a tried and tested system of medicine which is used across the world to restore and maintain good health.

Throughout the ages, individual masters of acupuncture have developed their own styles of treatment, constantly adding new ideas to the body of knowledge built up in this way. Amongst the main traditions being practised today is Five Element acupuncture.

Acupuncture can help provide relief of symptoms, such as migraine or back and neck pain, as well as helping you feel relaxed, revitalised and more positive. Five Element acupuncture is different from other acupuncture styles as it emphasises the importance of finding the cause of the symptoms. Symptoms are seen as signals of distress, similar to a light coming on in a car dashboard. Treating the symptom would be the same as covering the light with a plaster.  Five Element acupuncture recognises the importance of discovering the underlying cause of the symptoms and directing our treatment there.

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